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Kids, teens, or adults do not have to be a drummer, know how to read music, or have any previous musical experience. Buckets, sticks, and other fun percussion equipment will be provided to the drummers.

Doesn't matter if you're a drummer, viola player, in your 40's, or just a young pup, you can play in an ensemble of drummers with little to no experience. In this class, you will learn critical tools to being a musician like playing with others, listening to others, learning several different parts on the fly, improvisation concepts, and locking in to the groove with your peers. You will also learn the music and drumming styles from different cultures around the world from West Africa to Brazil. Not trying to get anything out of this other than some fun in the afternoon? That's fine too, the class is designed to be easy and fun while helping administer certain concepts that will be useful to developing musicians. 

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